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December 2019 AMRM is now available

AMRM is published bi-monthly by SCR Publications for the
Southern Cross Model Railway Association.

The Australian Model Railway Magazine is a full-colour journal for Australian model railway enthusiasts published every two months. First released in April 1963 by the Southern Cross Model Railway Association, the magazine has become the premier local journal featuring all aspects of the model railway hobby in Australia for over 50 years. Regular features include contributors layouts and modelling projects, comments and editorial, technical articles, modelling projects, photo essays and product reviews.

AMRM is available through most hobby retail stores, newsagents and by mail order to Australian and international subscribers. AMRM is now available online to digital subscribers.

Current Issue

AMRM No. 339 December 2019

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  1. Creating an Illusion of Reality
  1. The Top End 1942
  1. In the Loop: A Life's Work (and After)
  1. Coasting to Clean Track
  1. DCC Workshop: No More Stalling!
  1. Building Billabong Marina: 6 Even More Buildings
  1. Signal Box Diagrams for a Model Railway
  1. A Modern-era Small Grain Unloading Facility
  1. Cleaning Unpowered Electrical Pickup Wheels
  1. Trains for Kids with Cancer
  1. Beyond the Fence - Unloading Equipment
  1. Gallery: VR Stock Handling Facilities
  1. On the Workbench In-depth Review: The Stephen John son Models NSWGR 'Thow Bogie Cattle Wagons in HO Scale
  1. Hudson Brothers A History of Hudson Brothers
  1. Ted Payne The Steam Era Victoria
  1. Recent Releases
  1. AMRM News
  1. Diary
  1. Mailbag
  1. Market Place

Recent Issues

Back issues are available for purchase from Eveleigh Press.

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AMRM No. 338 October 2019

  • Modelling the Urban Scene
  • Forest Creek
  • In the Loop: Track
  • Recycled Rollingstock: The EHO at Taralga
  • Modelling a Webb Caboose in HO Scale
  • Beyond the Fence - War Memorials

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AMRM No. 337 August 2019

  • One Doesn't Have to Model it Personally...
  • Fingal
  • In the Loop: It Seemed like a Good Idea at the Time...
  • Scratchbuilding a NSWGR VHO Passenger Brake Van: Part 3
  • Finding the Right Font for Signs
  • QR 'Cranky/Ruff' Frieght

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AMRM No. 336 June 2019

  • On Presentation
  • Wellingong
  • Billabong Marina 5: The World Beneath Our (Wet) Feet
  • The Midland Railway Company of Western Australia A Class Steam Locomotives
  • Transport Your Models the Easy Way
  • In the Loop: 'Unbuildable' Kits

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AMRM No. 335 April 2019

  • On Friendship
  • The Hills Line Revisited
  • Scratchbuilding a NSWGR VHO Passenger Brake Van Part 2
  • Tea Bag Tarps
  • Working Vestibule Connections
  • Recycled Rollingstock: The CHG at Jerrawa

AMRM DVD Compilations

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Volume 20 of AMRM on DVD (issues 226-237, Feb 2001 - Dec 2002) is now available.

Each issue is searchable and the DVD contains an index to articles and authors. The files are in PDF format and articles can be printed for easy reading.

The DVD is available now for AUD$ 25.00

Order online at Eveleigh Press.


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